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Chase was born July 8th 1990 in the New Orleans area and grew up in Mandeville, Louisiana. I am a fitness model and an IFBB Pro in Men’s Physique. This is my second year in the sport and I have been in six competitions. I’m currently studying for my NASM certification in personal training. I also attended Southeastern Louisiana University.

My journey started in 2013 where I competed in my first show and took fourth place. In the next three shows I finished second place. My “never give up” attitude stopped me from giving up; I knew I had what it takes to be a pro, second place is never an option. I decided to do the NPC Nationals in Miami where I took first place and earned my pro card.

It all began when I was sixteen; I started training in the gym I worked at. By age seventeen I started modeling and training even harder to shape my body. My drive to accomplish and succeed is strong, and my will to never give up is even stronger.

Motivations, power, speed, and determination drive me to go beyond my body’s potential and to reach my physical goals. I am very proud to be the youngest Male Physique IFBB Pro in Louisiana.


Favorite Type of Training
Love training abs heavy and hard.

Favorite Exercise in the Gym

Favorite Cheat Food
Italian food.

Favorite Diet Food
Lean steak and Asparagus.

What Do you Like to Do Outside of the Gym?
I like to attend NPC & IFBB contests in the southern region of the USA, traveling to different cities. I also like to shop in the different malls, go to the movies, hang out with friends & loved ones, and watch UFC on the big screen TV at the local Buffalo Wild Wings location. I also love to eat pizza and my mom and dad’s New Orleans style home cooking on cheat days. I also pray to Jesus almighty every day.

What’s in your Gym Bag?
ISOFLEX, AMINOCORE, CARBION, RAZOR8, shaker and headphones.

How Did you get into Fitness?
I was a football player and big in speed and agility. It was a natural progression. The gym became my home away from home.

What Do you Love to Listen to when you Work Out?
Tool, Chevelle, Eminem, Rage Against The Machine, Bob Marley (ect.)

Biggest Gym Pet Peeve
When someone is texting on their phone on a machine at the gym!